Bike-A-Thon Sponsor Bike-A-Thon-2014
19th Annual Beach Walk/Bike-a-Thon

Sponsorship opportunities are available to have your name or your company name on the back of our T-shirts, on our website and listed in our quarterly newsletter. You can also have your own team with free registration.  Deadline is March 28, 2014 to get your payment, name/logo to us.
19th Annual Beach Walk/Bike-a-Thon
Enjoy a beachfront walk or bike ride with your friends and family to help feed L.A.’s hungry homebound seniors on April 27
Pet Food Program Breakfast Club
Homebound seniors love their pets.  So much, in fact, that they share their daily meals with their beloved companions leaving both the senior and their pet undernourished. Often a sole companion, these pets are a tremendous source of friendship and love.

We recognize the concern our clients have for the furry family members, so we began a Pet Food Program to insure both our clients and their pets receive nourishing meals daily.

Your support will aid us in expanding our services so that our clients and their loving pets can flourish even in difficult circumstances.
$365 a year (or a $30 monthly pledge) ensures breakfast to our neediest meal clients every day of the year.

Just $1.00 starts every day off right for someone who depends on St. Vincent Meals on Wheels for everything they eat.
Circle of Angels hazeldesylva-lamarathon
Circle of Angels members make an annual commitment of $500 to $10,000 or more. They also help end senior hunger and save lives in Los Angeles. Angels receive recognition benefits at each level. Hi, my name is Hazel De Sylva and I am running in the March 9th, 2014 Los
Angeles Marathon to raise funds for Saint Vincent Meals on Wheels.  I do
this because I do not want any senior citizen to be hungry or lonely. SVMOW
provides nutritious meals to these precious souls, but most importantly,
they make sure that each person is never forgotten and is loved.  So,
please would you join me in this quest and make a donation today?